The Best Tips for Buying Your New Home and Your Big Move While Your Wedding Plans are Underway

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The Best Tips for Buying Your New Home and Your Big Move While Your Wedding Plans are Underway

by James Hall of Senior Care Fitness 


Making big changes in life is exciting, but it can also be challenging.  If you are getting married, you already have plenty to do.  Add buying a new home and moving into it, and you might feel completely overwhelmed.  Ladies Finance Club offers these ways to simplify your approach and stay organized.

Organizational tools.  With a wedding to plan, a house to buy, and a move to make, you may need some help.  A household organizer can streamline communication and help you stay on top of appointments and responsibilities.  Install a readymade system or customize your own.  Some experts recommend including...

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Enjoy your cheat meal, avoid the yoyo, be financially fit!

By Julie Helary

A lot of us have gone through many diets in our lives. Whether we are skinny or round, we have at some point noted down what we eat in a week and made our own little diagnosis: Today I had too many carbs, I shouldn’t have had that chocolate barre. More importantly, a lot of us have tried to restrict ourselves to the bare minimum in order to achieve our goals quicker and suffered consequences: in general, the weight (and more) is put back on a few weeks later and we developed bad food habits…  Exactly the same applies to personal finances. 


When it comes to democratising money and finance talks, social media is seeing a surge of accounts giving budgeting tips, explaining the jargon and educating people towards better decisions. This is partly because during the pandemic, Household spending has been lower than usual, and savings have risen substantially in the UK. Lower spending has meant that we have wondered what to do with that...

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Sticking to your Budget whilst on Holiday

budget travel Jun 29, 2021

Sticking to your Budget whilst on Holiday

There are so many way to save money when it comes to holidays, so I have just included a few of the best ones. The most important one for me is to be realistic about your budget.

The 5* Instagram worthy holiday is always going to be appealing, but if it derails your financial goals, is it really worth it? It is also important to remember just because your friends are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to.

I know so many friends who are paying for their bad financial behavior in the 20s even a decade later. It is only now that the friend who was always on holiday or partying in the latest place, is happy to admit that it was mostly all paid for by their credit card. The financial hangover from this spending lasts a lot longer than the high of the fun of living in the moment. It is important to have your holiday budget as realistic as possible. Look at what you have put in the calendar e.g. things you have committed to already like weekend...

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Is this your biggest financial blind spot?

If you were getting a divorce, what would you grab first?

By Chantal Williams

The nicest car, the furnishings? The dog? Or the house itself?

We might ask ourselves such questions flippantly, or even joke about it with our spouse over dinner, but it’s always a grim reality for someone. And if you think that means this article is about divorce, think again.

I only mention divorce because it can show up a mysterious blind spot that many women seem to have.

In a marital split, people tend to reveal what they care about most. A few years ago, Unbiased conducted a survey of recently divorced couples, and one of the things we asked was which assets of the marriage they most wanted to keep.

Naturally, everyone said ‘the home’ as their first choice.

Then things got interesting, as the men and women differed in their top five priorities. Women-focused on pets, savings, furniture, and cars, in that order.

Men were also keen on savings and cars – they weren’t so...

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Setting and sticking to New Year Resolutions

financial Feb 27, 2021

ver set your New Year goals with the best intentions but when Jan 17 comes around you back to your old ways and those resolutions are already long forgotten, if YES then you're not alone.

January can be full of good intentions, but the restrictive nature of “paying off your credit card debt in record time” or “saving more than you have ever been able to save before”, all start to wear thin by February.

Financial resolutions need to be “SMART” goals in order for you to have a better chance of achieving them. SMART stands for – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based.

In Paul J Meyer’s 2003 book “Attitude is Everything: If You Want to Succeed Above and Beyond” it is broken down as follows:



The goal needs to be clear and specific. Can you answer the following questions

a. What do I want to accomplish?

b. Why is the goal important?

c. Who is involved?

d. Where...

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Tools you need to use when starting a side hustle

side hustle tools Feb 27, 2021

We all have the burning idea that we have been thinking about for years, but many of us never take the first step because we get overwhelmed, not sure where to begin or are worried about the cost!

Now starting a side hustle doesn’t mean you need to invest hundred into buying URLS, creating the perfect logo or even having a website, especially if you’re not sure the idea will even work!

If you just want to make some extra cash on the side but don’t want to give your full time job up, here are some ideas to get you started.

Freelancing is a great way to use the skills you already have and are an expert at to help pay the bills! These are our two favourites:

Where professional freelancers go to find work from all around the world. You can create a profile for free and pitch for work! Whether you work in marketing, are a developer or simply can input data there’s a huge range of jobs available from potential clients all around the...

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Hot Investing Tips

investing tips Feb 27, 2021

Sometimes too much information can be overwhelming; many people decide it’s too hard or they’ll start later. The best way to improve your long term chances of success in investing is to start now – small actions now have a huge impact over time. Start a savings account with a regular direct debit, buy an ETF every month, or increase repayments on your debt – choose one or more simple actions and start today. Even better if you can automate them; discipline is overrated.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – Humans are rather strange, we research buying a fridge, a car and even our makeup, but when someone gives us a hot share tip, we pile all of our savings into one idea. Always diversify your risk, don’t pop all your savings into one share tip. Investing across a number of shares or a couple of different ETFs over time, means if something goes wrong with one of the investments, you will not lose or suffer losses on...

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Give your Relationship a Money MOT

money Feb 27, 2021

Couples Talk About Money – Keep your money relationship healthy by By Kim Crewe

After sex and chores, money is the next biggest cause of arguments between couples. So, what are the best ways that you can ensure that money doesn’t become the big rift in your relationship?

To be financially healthy as a couple it is really important to understand one another’s money histories. Most of us have some quite unhelpful and untrue beliefs about our relationship with money from our childhood experience.

Put aside a good chunk of time, find yourselves some large sheets of paper and plot the timeline of your life. Add the key people, parents, other family members and anyone else of influence. Put a £ or $ sign by the ones who had a money message for you. Once you have both finished then take turns in talking through your timeline, focus on the money messages, do this without interruption and then change over.

We are generally attracted to partners who...

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Extract from How to heal a broken heart!

finance Feb 27, 2021

Women have, on average, a fifth of the pension savings that men do. I wonder if that is because, however feminist we are, however loud we sing along to Destiny’s Child’s ‘Independent Women’, a lot of us still think, deep down, we will be looked after by a partner... but what should you do if you’re separating from your partner? 

Lisa had some great advice

  • If you find it upsetting to look at your finances, recruit a friend to sit there and go through them with you.Work out what you need to keep you going in the short term. What savings do you have access to? Can you borrow money from friends and family
  • If you have debts, keep a document of what you owe and to whom
  • Remember, legally you are not allowed to look at your partner’s finances without their permission so steer clear of their personal accounts even if you know the passwords
  • Some women have a tendency to seek emotional help from their financial advisor and financial help from...
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Questions to ask your honey about the money!

Money is one of the top reasons why couples break up, so it's vital that you and your money are on the same page when it comes to talking about money. 

Now when talking to your honey about the money, pick a neutral space. For example, a restaurant, park, bar or cafe i.e. out of the house where you can have wine or a coffee. Be relaxed and talk about these questions open & calmly.

  • If you won a million dollars in the lottery, what would your first purchase be?
  • How did your parents behave around money?
  • What word would you use to describe your relationship with money?
  • How much do we need to live on? Think about how long you’ll need to work for and whether it’s full-time?
  • What are our retirement goals (what age and how much do you want to retire on)?
  • If one of us stops earning (raising children, unemployed or unwell) will the other pay super for the non-earner?
  • Would you lend money to a friend or family member in need? If so, how much?
  • Do you have a budget you...
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