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money savvy Oct 29, 2019

Be Supermarket SAVVY! Psychology secrets you didn’t know

Who has gone into buy milk and have come out with everything but milk! Yeah me too,


so supermarkets are designed to make you spend more literally from the moment before you even enter. They want to slow down your pace, so when you first enter even the automatic doors are actually slower and the flowers for sale out the front as to put you at ease. A mid-size shopping centre will stock 30,000 products however we will only ever buy 300 each year.  In smaller express shops where they are short on space – they will make you do a 90 degree turn to get into the aisles again slowing you down. The wide layout when you first enter a large supermarket (fruit + veg ) is to make you feel at ease .  According to Aldi and Lidl’s famous special buy sections in the middle (which is that really random bit in the middle where you can purchase everything from a ski suit to a guitar) tries to tempt you away from your shopping list and acts as a psychological trigger to make you slow down and browse .  Also all the big brands items that supermarkets can make the most profit from will appear in the middle of the shelves at eye level (brands often pay supermarkets listing or placement fees), and the cheaper items will be on the bottom shelf (where it’s usually awkward to reach). So next time you do your shop get down low and go go go!




You know when you find a pair of boots you just looooove… then you wear them to death (to the point the sole is literally worn away) and they have a more shabby less chic vibe to them?

Well next time you find that ‘special’ boot, go straight to the shoe man and get him to put a rubber sole on. It costs a few quid and the boot lasts so much longer, as you protect the heel and the sole!

Give your boot the reboot





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