Negotiate Your Salary Like A Badass

budget Nov 29, 2019

The first time I negotiated my salary I was 23, my heart was pounding, I had sweaty hands and I was real nervous…. so nervous that my boss thought I was sick. The anxiety was taking over as I stumbled through my words of why I thought I deserved a pay rise ahhh #goodtimes.  I was worried my boss would think I was being greedy but because I had done my prep work, I got through the meeting and walked away with a 15% increase (self five). There’s nothing worse than working in a job where you feel like you’re not being paid your worth.  So here are 5 quick things you can do before you go in and negotiate your salary:

1. Do your research

Know how much the job is going for in the same (and other industries) by looking on job recruiting sites such as GuardianReed or Indeed . Have conversations with recruiters for other similar jobs to see how much they are going for. This is great evidence for when you go to negotiate with your boss.

Quick Exercise: Call up a recruiter and see what the salary brackets are for a similar job.

2. Create a case for why you deserve a payrise

Once you have established yourself as a hardworking, smart, badass employee (rule of thumb at least after 6-12 months from starting a new role), start pulling together evidence of what you have achieved and how you have added value. Have you just finished a big project or had great feedback from a client? Gather it all up.

Quick Exercise:  Write a small agenda for the meeting and what examples you want to include.

3. Schedule in the meeting

Don’t spring it on your boss while they are at the coffee machine, send them a calendar invite with the subject line of ‘Request for salary appraisal’ that way they can start preparing too.

Also word on the street is that Wednesday’s are the best day to ask for a pay rise.

Quick Exercise:  Read through your company’s policy or talk to HR to see if they carry out performance reviews annually, quarterly etc

4. Establish your target amount (don’t forget if this includes or excludes your pension/super)

Have an amount in your head you would be happy with, and don’t give an ultimatum unless you really are prepared to walk away.

Quick Exercise: Role play with a friend, get them to be a hard core version of your boss and ask you a bunch of questions around why you deserve a pay rise.

5. Just do it 

If you don’t ask, no one is going to ask for you! C’mon be brave, you’re a hard working, badass lady and you know when you deserve this!

If they say no, it might just mean no right now not forever!

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