PODCAST GUEST From Fashion to Finance: a Journey with Jade

finance Mar 05, 2020


by Becky Balfourth

What does a wealth manager do?

Meet Jade Rose from Reddings Wealth Management. She describes it as being like a personal trainer… for finances.  When we are managing our cash better, we are happier, less stressed, and more productive.  Like the best of coaches, Jade encourages people to meet their wealth goals.  Her clients include content creators, influencers and designers: creatives who may just need a little help in the finance department.

Jade started out with a degree in fashion.  After graduating she lived the dream, working for Asos (she happily remembers how it felt getting her first work e-mail address!)  Alongside that, she was working as a freelance designer- remember those cool patterned over-knee socks?  Jade’s yer woman.

Fashion & Finance.  Maybe those aren’t two words that feel like a natural fit.  And yet, says Jade, “hand-embroidering that gorgeous jacket doesn’t matter if you’re not handling your business.”  You can be a pure creative genius, but your business will suffer if your finances go unmanaged.

As a woman, the world of finance hasn’t always felt like an easy environment.  Being a woman, with her northern accent and degree in fashion, Jade believes she could easily have seemed like an outsider.  But this is now her brand: her clients trust her because of these differences.

It was “like a wardrobe to Narnia” when she looked into investment and finance.  But finance is important for women- and here are some fun facts to prove it:

– 60% of wealth in the UK will be in the hands of women by 2025.

– 67% of women said making a social impact was important when making investments.

– This one’s not a surprise: at least 36% of women feel patronised in the financial world.  Given that the FCA always refer to the client as “he” in their reports, it’s no wonder.

Jade’s top tips for wealth management?

1 and 2: Communicate.

Whether this is with your significant other, your family, your business partner- you need to keep communication open!  Make sure your goals and visions are aligned- it’ll save you time and heartache for sure.

3. Start Early.

Plan for your pension.  Plan for your children’s pensions.  Plan properly- because half of what you’ve saved for their inheritance could be taken away by the Tax Man.  It’s okay- no- it’s essential, to talk about this.

Start investing early, too.  Typically, women are told to save, and men are taught to invest.  But

4. Network.

The WealthiHer Network is what Jade describes as a “sisterhood”- it brings female professionals from male-dominated industries (law, accountancy etc.) together, and allow them to decompress.  There’s nothing like a glass of wine with your peers to restore your confidence after a tough day!

Jade’s best piece of money advice:

 DON’T SAY (for goodness’ sake, don’t say!): “if you don’t buy that coffee, you can invest in those shoes later…”  That’s every teenage/ women’s magazine, ever.

DO SAY: “Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world.  She who understands it, earns it; she who doesn’t, pays it.”  That’s Einstein, by the way.

 Get social with Jade: Check out the WealthiHer Network!


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