The Best Tips for Buying Your New Home and Your Big Move While Your Wedding Plans are Underway

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The Best Tips for Buying Your New Home and Your Big Move While Your Wedding Plans are Underway

by James Hall of Senior Care Fitness 


Making big changes in life is exciting, but it can also be challenging.  If you are getting married, you already have plenty to do.  Add buying a new home and moving into it, and you might feel completely overwhelmed.  Ladies Finance Club offers these ways to simplify your approach and stay organized.

Organizational tools.  With a wedding to plan, a house to buy, and a move to make, you may need some help.  A household organizer can streamline communication and help you stay on top of appointments and responsibilities.  Install a readymade system or customize your own.  Some experts recommend including components such as binders, a color coding system, an inbox, and shelving.  

Home buying guidelines.  Home buying can be complicated under any circumstances.  Buying a home while planning your wedding can be overwhelming.  Here are some guidelines to help understand and simplify the process.  

  • What your lender wants.  Lenders require several things to determine your loan amount, and lenders typically look for a 10 percent deposit for mortgages. Your approval for a loan will also be based on your credit score and debt-to-income ratio. 

  • Budget accordingly. Create a budget, then use an online calculator to determine your monthly loan repayments based on your set price range. 

  • House hunting.  Once you know your price range you should investigate the real estate market in your area.  

  • Select an agent.  An estate agent can help you find the right home for the right price. They know the market and how to navigate some of the issues involved.  

Consider a repossessed property.  You might want to consider a bank-owned house.  Experts recommend you weigh the pros and cons:


  • A repossessed home can give you a lot of bang for your buck.  You might be able to purchase a larger home or property than you could otherwise afford, or you might be able to buy in a more expensive neighborhood.  

  • If you resell the home later you might make a profit from having purchased the house for less than the market value.


  • Homes in foreclosure are usually sold as-is.  These properties are often behind on repairs or have substandard conditions so you may need to hire a contractor or do some work yourself.  

  • Consider red-tape, debts and timeframes.  Sometimes these properties are sold with debts attached and you may be responsible for them.  There also may be a lot of paperwork involved, and you could have trouble using a conventional mortgage for the purchase.  These complications can slow the process considerably.  

Your moving day checklist.  You’ve found your home, now what?  Here is a great checklist to help you get organized and settled:

  1. Connect the internet.  

  2. Call your energy providers and set up connections.

  3. Give new contact information to family and friends.

  4. Inform workplaces, businesses and government institutions of your new address.

  5. Pack tools, scissors, tape and other items needed for unpacking in their own labeled box.

  6. Establish insurance on your home so you are covered the day you take ownership.

  7. Have keys made.

  8. Have the house professionally cleaned if necessary.

  9. Pack a box for the first night in your new home; include basics such as toilet paper and bed linens. 

Trying to plan a wedding, buy a home, and move into it are big lifestyle changes. With careful planning you and your partner will be off to a great start together!


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