Enjoy your cheat meal, avoid the yoyo, be financially fit!

By Julie Helary

A lot of us have gone through many diets in our lives. Whether we are skinny or round, we have at some point noted down what we eat in a week and made our own little diagnosis: Today I had too many carbs, I shouldn’t have had that chocolate barre. More importantly, a lot of us have tried to restrict ourselves to the bare minimum in order to achieve our goals quicker and suffered consequences: in general, the weight (and more) is put back on a few weeks later and we developed bad food habits…  Exactly the same applies to personal finances. 


When it comes to democratising money and finance talks, social media is seeing a surge of accounts giving budgeting tips, explaining the jargon and educating people towards better decisions. This is partly because during the pandemic, Household spending has been lower than usual, and savings have risen substantially in the UK. Lower spending has meant that we have wondered what to do with that...

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