I paid off $20,000 debt in 18 months. There were 8 rules I lived by

debt Feb 26, 2021

Amy, a 32-year-old accountant looked like she was living her best life. She rented a fabulous apartment in a trendy part of the city, was going out for drinks, endless brunches, giving herself little shopping treats here and there, mini weekends away with friends and ubering all around town.

On Instagram anyone would think she was living the dream. But there was a secret looming over her which she knew she would soon have to face. After she didn’t get the pay rise she had expected at a job performance review, it became clear that now was the time. She took out her credit card statements - yes, all of them - and faced the cold hard truth.

“I saw the debt and was shocked. I was in $20,000 of credit card debt and, apart from superannuation, I had almost no assets (I was renting, had less than $1k in savings, no car and no investments), I knew I had to make a massive change”, Amy said.

Prior to that moment Amy had always taken a more relaxed approach to her...

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Stay-At-Home-Mom With Student Loan Debt? 8 Ways To Escape

debt Oct 29, 2019

Education gives us the credibility to achieve our dreams. However, not everyone has the means to continue their education. Most of the students want to find out ways to stretch the student loan to get the maximum benefits. The increasing cost of education forces students to take out overwhelming student loans to bear the cost of college fees. This ultimately results in students incurring student loan debt.

Repaying the student loan debt becomes difficult due to the lack of good employment. The problem becomes more intense when a stay-at-home home has to deal with her student loan debt.

A mom plays an important role when it comes to matters related to money. It is she who looks for the betterment of her family. She takes the right step to her children as to how money should be spent sensibly. However, As a stay-at-home mom, managing finances is pretty tough, and having an additional college debt could be stressful. Following are a few simple steps you can repay your...

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