Setting and sticking to New Year Resolutions

financial Feb 27, 2021

ver set your New Year goals with the best intentions but when Jan 17 comes around you back to your old ways and those resolutions are already long forgotten, if YES then you're not alone.

January can be full of good intentions, but the restrictive nature of “paying off your credit card debt in record time” or “saving more than you have ever been able to save before”, all start to wear thin by February.

Financial resolutions need to be “SMART” goals in order for you to have a better chance of achieving them. SMART stands for – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based.

In Paul J Meyer’s 2003 book “Attitude is Everything: If You Want to Succeed Above and Beyond” it is broken down as follows:



The goal needs to be clear and specific. Can you answer the following questions

a. What do I want to accomplish?

b. Why is the goal important?

c. Who is involved?

d. Where...

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How To Banish Holiday Financial Guilt

financial Feb 26, 2021

Work out what you will spend on holidays over the next 12 months.

Don’t forget to include weekends away, hen dos, and spa breaks. Make sure that your calculation is comprehensive and includes the cost of insurance, spending money, airport purchases etc.

Take a look back to previous years to work out what you have spent in past years to check that your figure is accurate.

Are there any big one offs next year?

When you know what you will spend in the next 12 months, divide this number by 12. This is the amount that you should then be set aside each month into a separate holiday account to prefund your fun.

So, for example, let's say you are going to spend 2,750 in total, you then need to save 229.17 each month. You could use a regular saver that allows withdrawals for holiday account.

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Cash is King

cash financial safety Feb 26, 2021

We all need a financial safety net. Ideally this should be 3-6 months’ worth of outgoings. This money is there to protect you should things not go financially to plan. The safety net stops you having to tap into your investments at times when the markets mean that it is not a good time. Emergency cash buffers should be kept in an easy access cash buffer. Here are the top accounts for you to consider.

If you are still building up your emergency fund you can currently get a better rate with a regular saver account. These are accounts that are designed for you to pay in regularly every month. To get access to the best rate, you will need to already have an account with the bank.

Please read all the small print to check you qualify but here are somethings that you should know:

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4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Pension In Your 20s And 30s

financial Oct 29, 2019

When you’re young retirement can seem like a really long way off, and with recent headlines speculating that you might not be able to claim your State Pension until you’re 75, it probably is.

Yet while it’s easy to put it off and tell yourself that you’ll sort it out later, you could be missing out on free money in the meantime – whether it’s from your employer or HMRC.

Read on to find out the benefits of starting to save sooner rather than later and learn how to lay the groundwork for a comfortable retirement, now.

1. Capitalise on the power of compound interest

Compound interest wasn’t named the eighth wonder of the world by Albert Einstein for nothing, so it seems only right that it tops this list of top pension tips. As any investment buff will tell you, the power of compound interest can have a significant impact on your savings over time and, better yet, you don’t need to be a maths whizz to make the most of it.

The term...

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