PODCAST GUEST From Pension-panic to Savings-savvy: Emma-Lou Explains

money savvy Mar 16, 2020

by Becky Balfourth


Feeling out of control/ out of depth/ confused by money?  Maybe your savings and investments are falling by the wayside as you struggle in the day-to-day?

Emma-Lou Montgomery works for Fidelity International.  She can tell you that you are definitely not alone with these feelings.  As a journalist, Emma -Lou has commented on news and radio shows on the world of finance.  She also worked on the Fidelity Finance Report.  From the findings of that report, Emma -Lou can tell you for nothing that women often feel stressed by money.  There is a massive gap between women and men- which is revealed by an 11% gap between male and female pensions, with men coming out ahead.

Women tend to put life, family or work ahead of saving or investing.  It’s easily done, when daily life leaves you with so little time… but if you leave it too long, you could be left with nothing for the future.


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Cheap Eats That Won’t Break Your Bank

money savvy Nov 29, 2019

“I think most of my money issues would be solved if I ate the food in my fridge”

Ladies we aren’t talking sad beans on toast, you don’t have to eat simple to eat cheap …. We have your back! Ladies Finance Club UK have done some research and put together some of the tastiest, cheapest recipes that are online at the moment – so you can impress with your cooking, whilst sticking to your budget!

We have found 11 recipes – including options for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free! The cost is based on 4 servings.

So make sure one of these tasty recipes one evening soon whether you’re having a dinner party, a romantic date, or even a dinner for one – these recipes are designed to be simple & delicious!

Click on each meal name to view the full recipe and cooking instructions!

Egg-fried cauliflower rice with prawn cracker crumbs

Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Cost: £5.50


Sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry

Prep: 20...

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Money Monday Saving Tips

money savvy Oct 29, 2019

Be Supermarket SAVVY! Psychology secrets you didn’t know

Who has gone into buy milk and have come out with everything but milk! Yeah me too,


so supermarkets are designed to make you spend more literally from the moment before you even enter. They want to slow down your pace, so when you first enter even the automatic doors are actually slower and the flowers for sale out the front as to put you at ease. A mid-size shopping centre will stock 30,000 products however we will only ever buy 300 each year.  In smaller express shops where they are short on space – they will make you do a 90 degree turn to get into the aisles again slowing you down. The wide layout when you first enter a large supermarket (fruit + veg ) is to make you feel at ease .  According to Which.com.uk Aldi and Lidl’s famous special buy sections in the middle (which is that really random bit in the middle where you can...

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