Sticking to your Budget whilst on Holiday

budget travel Jun 29, 2021

Sticking to your Budget whilst on Holiday

There are so many way to save money when it comes to holidays, so I have just included a few of the best ones. The most important one for me is to be realistic about your budget.

The 5* Instagram worthy holiday is always going to be appealing, but if it derails your financial goals, is it really worth it? It is also important to remember just because your friends are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to.

I know so many friends who are paying for their bad financial behavior in the 20s even a decade later. It is only now that the friend who was always on holiday or partying in the latest place, is happy to admit that it was mostly all paid for by their credit card. The financial hangover from this spending lasts a lot longer than the high of the fun of living in the moment. It is important to have your holiday budget as realistic as possible. Look at what you have put in the calendar e.g. things you have committed to already like weekend...

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