How To Set Financial Goals With She’s On The Money

So I love to set personal goals and career goals however when it comes to financial goals … tumble weed, I just haven’t ever really done this! I don’t know why not it just seems to go over my head. Thinking about retiring and sorting my pension has never  really on my agenda! However I am learning pretty fast that it is VERY important actually life changing.

I sat  down with Belinda White from Fierce Girls Guide to Finance to discuss how to set financial goals, why it is important to understand compound interest, manage money and when you should review the goals.


Molly from She’s on the Money speaking with Belinda White.

She’s on the money empowers women to take control of their finances. Shesonthemoney offers courses, workshops and events on educating women in England on investing, pensions, real estate, learning how to budget and other personal finance topics.


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Our 5 main investing takeaways from Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Rachel O’Connor Director of Flourix Wealth and Betsy Westcott have helped by putting their top tips together for us! Thanks Rach (we are sending you a telepathic high five).

1. Write, Aim, and Fire at your Goals
The point of investing is to get you to your goals. It’s not about talking up the next hot tech stock over brunch with your friends, simply beating the share market for fun, or buying property so you can add ‘investor’ to your Linkedin profile. It’s all about YOU, YOUR goals and getting YOU there to live the life you chose.
So the first thing you need to do is write down your goals and (hot tip alert!) be as specific as possible. Then you aim at your goals. Divide them up into short term (1-3 years), medium term (4-6 years) and long term (7+ years). Identifying the timeframe is going to determine the kinds of investments you will make and therefore the results you achieve. You’re now ready to fire!

2. Tap the magic of...

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14 Ways For Women To Grow Their Wealth Fast – Tips From The Experts

“Working 9-5..  what a way to make a living”. Urmmm….?! We think not. At Ladies Finance Club UK we know that working 9-5 on a 5 day week is not the only way for women to grow their wealth and make a living. We have ladies message us daily about financial worries asking ways to make money – whether that’s making some extra cash on the side of a day job, or your main income. It’s not only about how to save the money you already have, but also how to make your money work as hard as you do. So to help, we have reach out to some of the lady experts in the industry and have put together some fabulous tips for you!

1. Investing for the future you want isn’t just about building your wealth to make your own ambitions possible. It can also be about investing for the world you want to live in. Think about your own values and whether your investments align with them. If you want a world powered by renewable energy, for example,...

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