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We will show you how to save money, grow your wealth, and take control of your financial future (so you’ll be in a place financially where adding guacamole isn’t a big decision)!

  • Whether you’re worried about not having money to do the things you want in life or being able to provide for your kids
  • Need a little more pressure and willpower to stick to your long term goals
  • Are struggling to get out of the debt cycle
  • Stressed about not having enough for retirement
  • Have the confidence to invest
  • Live a financially free life (whatever that means to you)
  • Or simply just want to feel in control of your money then we are your TRIBE!

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When you sign up to our membership and become a tribe member our goal is to help you fast track your financial success, how? Glad you asked!

Monthly Money Masterclasses

With a leading Australian or International financial experts.

Tribe Accountability Check-in Sessions

Join a group of likeminded women to help you keep on track and smash your money goals! 

Fierce Financial Foundations Course

This fast-track money makeover course covers all the basics to get you set up fast!

Side Hustle sessions

Practical sessions on how to take an idea and turn it into something more!

30min Insurance Review

Our LFC insurance expert will review your sitch, look at your circumstances, what you need, or where you can save!

Access to Our Members Only Website

Get access to our exclusive clients-only membership website.

Monthly Money Book Summaries

‘Get the gold’ from all those finance books you know you should be reading – but just don’t have the time too! 

Fill-In-The-Blanks Templates

Goal trackers, expense trackers, budgets, checklists, goal templates, and more. All you need to do is download them.

LFCs Black Book of Financial Experts and Discounted

Get member-only discounted rates (like half price wills etc).

Plus way more


Everything you need to take your finance game to the next level and grow your wealth!



When does the membership start?
When will I be charged?
What if I want to cancel?
When does the membership start?

Late October, sign up to our waitlist and we will keep you posted!

When will I be charged?

You will only be charged if you decide to sign up – your first charge will be on the 7 October 2020.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time after you sign up for the program there is no locked-in contract.