ISA's 101

with Lisa Conway-Hughes, co-founder of Ladies Finance Club,Wealth Manager, Author + Wealth Coach

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 at 7:30pm BST

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These little Individual Saving Accounts can be a life changing investment but also a total mine field to navigate.

There are so many different types out there…. Lifetime ISA, cash, stock & shares, Innovative ISA and MORE (enough… my mind is blown!)

We have our very own Lisa Conway-Hughes, a leading Chartered Financial Advisor, who is going to break-down all of the jargon and tell us everything we need to know to get the most out of investing into the right ISA!

We will be going through:

● Understanding the different types of ISAs and when to use which one

● When not to use a cash ISA

● The pros and cons of ISAs

● How to become an ISA millionaire (yep… we said millionaire!)

● The benefits of an ISA for your long-term planning (as well as your medium term)

● Q&A

So if you’re looking to start investing in an ISA or just want to see how you can save time, tax and money… this event is definitely for you!


Lisa Conway- Hughes, Wealth Manager, Author + Wealth Coach

Ladies Finance Club UK

By day Lisa works at a wealth management firm in the City of London. She is a Chartered Financial Adviser and also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (PFS). This is the highest qualification a financial adviser can hold and less than 2% of PFS members have reached this. Lisa is also a member of MENSA – the high IQ Society with an IQ of 148.

Lisa has worked in Financial Services for over 15 years and is very passionate about spreading the message that money really doesn’t need to be complicated. She set up www.missloly.com in 2012 and also wrote the book Money Lessons for Penguin in 2019. You will find her regularly quoted in the press – most recently as Stylist’s Money Therapist, featured in Red, Elle, Good Housekeeping, Balance, The FT, BBC News and many more.

I'd like a ticket, please!
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