The New Office: How to best navigate the life of Hybrid

with Patty Cruz from Organised and Simple

Monday, 4 July 2022 at 7:30pm BST

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The way that we’re working has changed massively in the last couple of years, not only because of the pandemic but because of all of the awesome tech that we have available to us now!

Working flexibly can be fantastic, you can fit that pedi in when the salon only has a 2pm slot and you can get the washing on before you jump on a Zoom call!

But… are we thinking about making sure we maintain our work life balance? Are we working longer hours now that we don’t see everyone running out of the office door at 5pm? Not to mention the catch up’s at the coffee machine (who doesn’t love a gossip!).

This session with Patty Cruz from Organised and Simple, is going to teach us EXACTLY what we need to do, to get organised for our ‘New Office’, a blend between working from home and in the office! All while keeping our motivation high but maintaining that work life balance… yes ladies, it can be done!

We are going to be talking about:

The importance of a vision and goals to get the most out of working from two setups.

Typical distractions from each setup and how to avoid them-- traps to avoid (loneliness), boundary setting (work/life balance), and best practice (money-saving tips).

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Working – how to minimise or use each one to our advantage

Systems and routines (or Strategies) that will help improve prioritisation and minimise procrastination – learning how to say ‘no”, the use of a calendar, must do lists, tools to make information easy to find and manage when changing working environments.

Work Station Overhaul: How to achieve an organised desk and work environment at home and in the office to increase focus and productivity.

I'd like a ticket, please!
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